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Voluntary pilot testing of the ENVIFOOD Protocol and Communication Tools



The European Food Sustainable Consumption and Production Round Table’s Draft ENVIFOOD Protocol is the first ever developed harmonised framework assessment methodology for the environmental assessment of food and drink products. Adopted on 21 November 2012, it will contribute to helping businesses and consumers understand the environment impact of food and drink products and support informed choices, thereby fostering more sustainable consumption and production patterns.


The pilot project was launched on 27 March 2013 with 21 organisations agreeing to test the draft Protocol. Participants include a wide range of food and drink manufacturers, trade associations and research institutes, including:

Nestlé & Quantis
Carlsberg Italia

Mondelez International
Triballat Noyal
European Bottled Water Federation
Union of European Soft Drinks Associations (UNESDA)
Swedish Institute for Food and Biotechnology


Among the many products that will be assessed using the ENVIFOOD Protocol are coffee, dairy, soy, chocolate, pet food, wine and baby food products

Pilot testing of the ENVIFOOD Protocol

This is based on modifications to existing assessments, or new ones, carried out on the product(s) of their choice. Participants volunteering to test the ENVIFOOD Protocol are not obliged to communicate the results of their assessments. 

Following the testing and the consultation, the Round Table will evaluate the input collected via a standardised questionnaire and will revise the ENVIFOOD Protocol based on the results.

Participation in the testing is free and no funding or technical assistance is available to support the participation of organisations in the testing phase. 

  • 22nd February 2013: Call for volunteers closed
  • 27th March 2013: Conference call held on the ENVIFOOD Protocol in order to facilitate the participation of organisations in the testing
  • 27th March - 30th September 2013: Testing of the ENVIFOOD Protocol performed
  • 15th October 2013: Deadline for submission of results
  • Rest of 2013: Analysis of results and integrating changes in ENVIFOOD Protocol
  • End 2013: Publication of final version of the Protocol


Testing communication tools to convey information on the environmental performance of products

The Round Table does not recommend any specific communication tools at this stage and volunteers have complete freedom in their choice
1st May – 31st October: Testing of the communication tools
November 2013: Participants submit results


For more detailed information on the ENVIFOOD Protocol pilot testing, please contact the Food SCP Round Table secretariat at