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International initiatives and non-environmental aspects of sustainability - Working Group 4

Food sustainability considerations are at the centre of policy-making and civil society debate in many countries outside Europe and in intergovernmental organisations. This has resulted in a number of public and private initiatives which are ongoing or under development that have similar objectives to the Round Table. The extent to which such parallel initiatives are complementary or divergent may have implications for international trade and competitiveness.

Beyond the trade and competitiveness implications, implementing environmental sustainability measures may have other consequences, such as challenges for small and medium-sized enterprises. Environmental sustainability measures may also interact with the social and economic aspects of sustainability.   

The Round Table is reviewing existing and emerging initiatives related to its deliverables within the EU and globally. The interaction of the Round Table’s deliverables with aspects other than environmental sustainability is also being taken into account.     

Working Group 4 has delivered a report on ‘Non-Environmental Aspects of Sustainability’. This informs the work of the three other Working Groups by providing a priority list of economic and social aspects of sustainability relevant to the food supply chain and by making recommendations to the European Food SCP Round Table in these respects.

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