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How To Join

Participating organisations must:

  • be recognised as performing an activity that forms an integral part of the food value chain
  • carry out activities at EU level
  • belong to one of the following constituencies:
    1. Suppliers to the agricultural sector
    2. Farmers and agri-cooperatives
    3. Agricultural trade
    4. Food and drink industries
    5. Packaging value chain
    6. Transport & logistics operators
    7. Retailers
    8. End-of-life packaging recovery organisations, waste industry
    9. Consumer NGOs
    10. Environmental/nature conservation NGOs

Organisations that do not have activities at EU level (e.g. national bodies) may be granted observer/expert status where this can facilitate an agreement on uniform approaches across the EU.
On an exceptional basis, a national association can become an Associate Participant if and as long as their representative European level organisation is not a formal member of the European Food SCP Round Table or if such European level organisation does not exist.
Please contact the Secretariat for more details